Foreign students can participate in the PPGS in two different modalities:

1) Special students: 

The Post-Graduation Program in Sociology admits, preferably, special students regularly enrolled in other stricto sensu post-graduation programs.  

IFCH Post-Graduation Courses/Program accept enrollment of those interested in attending single courses as special students, which means to be enrolled for one semester, having to comply with of requirements of the subject so that, in case of approval, they can receive a Certificate of Studies to confirm and attest the credit obtained.

Basic criteria for all programs:

1 – limit of places offered by the subject;

2 – formal authorization of the professor(s) responsible for the subject(s) in the pre-enrollment period.

3 – formal authorization of the PPGS (Post-Graduation Program in Sociology) coordinator.

The selection is held every semester, without fixed date. We ask you special attention to notices on our website.


2) Master’s and Doctorate selection process:

A simplified version, in English, of our Notice is available on the website. There is no fixed date for the selection. The selection process occurs annually in the second half of each school year.