Research Topics

Research lines

The program’s research lines prioritize the formal analysis of population dynamics as a result of the influences of demographic components (mortality, fertility, nuptiality, and migration), as well as analysis of social, political, cultural, and economic aspects vis-à-vis demographic transformations. In line with the principles of human and social rights, these studies aim to contribute to the betterment of the living conditions of populations.


1) Demographic Dynamics and Social Policies


- Demography and Ethnicities

Marta Azevedo 

- Historical Demography

Ana Silvia Volpi Scott

Maria Silvia C. Beozzo Bassanezi

Maísa Faleiros da Cunha

- Family, Gender and Populations

Glaucia dos Santos Marcondes

Joice melo Vieira 

Maria Coleta Ferreira Albino de Oliveira

- Demographic Methods

Everton Emanuel Campos de Lima 

- Population and Health

Luciana Correia Alves

Tirza Aidar


2) Population Studies


Population and Environment

Álvaro Oliveira D’Antona

Roberto Luiz doCarmo


3) Spatial Redistribution of the Population

Alberto Augusto Eichman Jakob

José Marcos Pinto da Cunha

Rosana Aparecida Baeninger


4) Reproductive Health and Sexuality

Marta Azevedo

Tirza Aidar