The Graduate Program in Demography at the Institute of Philosophy and Human Sciences – IFCH is one of the main references in the teaching and researching in Demography in Brazil. The program is open to candidates with background in different areas of knowledge: Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, History, Geography, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Health Sciences, Architecture, among others. The Graduate Program in Demography addresses population issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, involving the theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge produced by the social sciences and the Demography stricto sensu. The Population Studies Center (Nepo-Unicamp) has an important participation in the program. In fact, there is a complete synergy between Nepo and the Graduate Program in Demography. The objective of the master’s degree is to present the main techniques of analysis and the theoretical interpretations concern to populational phenomena and prepare the students to act professionally as a demographer in the academy, foundations, governments, consulting, nongovernmental organizations and multilateral agencies. The Doctorate’s degree admits candidates with solid formation in Demography who would like to assimilate more advanced knowledge in the area, to improve competences in research and overcame the challenges of the issues no resolved yet.

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