Serpents of transformation: drawings from indigenous Amazonia

  • Aristóteles Barcelos Neto


The Gallery section of this edition of PROA
brings the entirety of the images and texts of the
Serpents of Transformation: Drawings from Indigenous
Amazonia exhibition, which has been presented at
the State University of Campinas’ Casa do Lago from
27 October to 10 November, 2016. This exhibition
presented a selection of twenty-one drawings made
by the Wauja Indians of the Upper Xingu in 1998,
2000 and 2004, all collected by Dr Aristoteles Barcelos Neto, from the Sainsbury
Research Unit for the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the University
of East Anglia, United Kingdom. The exhibition was curated and assembled during
Dr Barcelos Neto’s academic visit to the State University of Campinas’ Department
of Anthropology, funded by the FAPESP-Newton Fund bilateral agreement (UK
Academies, United Kindgom) as part of the FAPESP Young Researcher Project entitled
Transforming Amerindian Regional Systems: the Upper Xingu case, coordinated by
Prof Antônio Guerreiro.

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